The Conference “Fight against propaganda in security sphere: experience of the Visegrad Group” in Kiev

Denis Bohush

The conference “Fight against propaganda in security sphere: experience of the Visegrad Group” was held at the hotel “Dnipro” on December, 7th 2016. It was organized by Foreign Policy Council "Ukrainian Prism".

The goal of this conference was to create collaboration between countries of Visegrad Group,UkraineandMoldovaand to contribute to cooperation betweenUkraine, EU and NATO. Representatives of these counties were: Anna Shelest – the leader of security programs of the Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism” and the chief editor of “UA: Ukraine Analytica”(Ukraine), Daniel Barta -        the executive supervisor of the Centre for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Democracy (Hungary), Marta Kovalska – the researcher of the Casimir Pulaski foundation (Poland), Denis Bohush – the expert of the Center for Russian studies (Ukraine), Ivanna Smolenova - THE PRAGUE SECURITY STUDIES INSTITUTE (Czech Republic), Elena Marsaz – the executive supervisor of the NATO Information and Documentation Centre (Moldova).

Denis Bohush made a report on topic “Russian Propaganda: an Innovative Approach to Assess Information Activities”, which was based on the following methods of analysis: quantitate, narrative and the proprietary methodology - The Bohush Pyramide of Influence.

This presentation provided a visualization of Russian propaganda on 4 levels: L1 – emotional, with causes shock and fear, L2 – rational, which gives argumentation, L3 – semantic, which affects educated people, L4 – cultural (http://www.slideshare.net/DenisBohush/russian-propaganda-denis-bohush).

Speakers have made a conclusion that it is essential to admit the fact of Russian propaganda not only inUkraine, but also in countries of EU and NATO.

21.12.2016 19:28:00